Finished Skins






Artificer HD (32x)



Steampunk Ignuz

Steampunk Pookkah

Ronon Dex (Stargate), for Alex

Trixie, for Mischa

RobotEnder, for Tyler

Ernest, for Ernest!

Dr Who, for LucasMines

MineCraftGeek70 for Pete

Beowulf2020 for Pete

Knight in Shining Bucket, for Vancepants

Jason, for Jason!

Hades for Alex

Dukemon for Linkiry5

Roy Baty (Bladerunner) for MechanicalSpider

Hawker Pilot for HawkerTech

Ninja / Assassin for Atomsk648

Splinter Cell for ThisGuy2000

Liara (ME2) for jGazMom

Blacksmith for MorningElegance

Super Hero Clipsawd!

Suit for Niklas

Woodsman for Ainkayes


Prot for Unl33t of

NiSi, the Suineg of Eht! For NiSiSuinegEht

Staff skins, for Creeper Host – bespoke Minecraft VPS!

Black and Blue, for Crommie

A Skyrim skin for Quirliom

Guilmon for Linkiry5

Gothic Vampire for JohanDam

  • @Miningdude

    Wow, Nice job! 😀 Did you render them into Blender afterwards? If so, Nice job WPixie! 😀

    • Only the bottom one, the vampire. Jaco happened to have blender open for something he’s working on, so I sent him the skin and he rendered me a quick scene. The others are just captured from the MC Skin Edit Preview window then background-ed in Photoshop.

  • I was always intending to get you to do Dark Lord Beowulf, and Heroic Mycroft (with a view to doing Sister Crow and Astra of the Dice also) for the Server..

    Alas the Dark destroyer R’Ageq-Uit of the Dark dimension of ‘Aad-Enuf put the dampeners on that plan ;p hehe

    I should still commission you for my two chars I guess.. Even if they’re not being used in Machinima they will be seen ,and enjoyed, by me on a daily basis ;p hehehe