Rock Cakes Recipe

Easy to make, quick to cook, and you can substitute the dried fruit and currants with anything – choc chips, blueberries, whatever 🙂 8oz Self Raising Flour 1tsp Baking Powder 4oz Butter 2oz Caster Sugar 4oz Mixed Dried Fruit 2oz Currants 1 Medium Egg 1-3tbsp Milk Demerara sugar to sprinkle Heat the oven to 200c […]

Art Test / Game Concept

Click the picture to open a new window where the ‘game’ will load. First-person point-and-click adventure game presented in the style of a motion comic. Hand-painted art by Joshua Nel and other stuff done by Jaco. This is just an art test – there’s no gameplay, but moving the mouse around will swivel the camera. It […]