Rusty’s Homeworld Pleas

He can’t post to right now (server maintenance), so I’m posting it here instead. This is his post from the Gearbox forum, in response to Gearbox having procured the rights to the Homeworld franchise. I basically just logged in to insult Gearbox and tell them how much they suck, but I see that divine […]

Google Reader Alternatives

Google has announced that it’s shutting down Google Reader because the thing’s not turning a profit. After dominating the reader neighbourhood for many a long year, its loss has understandably left people wandering around like headless chickens wondering how on earth they’re going to survive. Fear not! I have asked my faithful Twitter followers, many […]

BroLife Interactive’s Male-Empowering Tablet PC – The ‘Manblet Supercharger’

A newcomer to the hand-held technology industry, BroLife Interactive launches its debut Tablet PC aimed specifically at men – the ‘Manblet Supercharger’. Promising to deliver break-neck transfer speeds and boasting a storage capacity that’s ‘off the charts’, the Manblet Supercharger is designed for those manly men who grip life firmly by the balls and shake […]