Art Test / Game Concept

Click the picture to open a new window where the ‘game’ will load. First-person point-and-click adventure game presented in the style of a motion comic. Hand-painted art by Joshua Nel and other stuff done by Jaco. This is just an art test – there’s no gameplay, but moving the mouse around will swivel the camera. It […]

The Game I Want

I own a veritable crapton of games. My Steam collection is nigh on 130 strong. I have a library on GOG. I have a cupboard and two DVD-carry cases full of disks. And yet I constantly find myself in the mood for a specific kind of game and nothing in my library seems able to […]

Stuff and Things

( ^ means I cannot come up with a creative title.) Thing 1 – The A Valley Without Wind soundtrack is up for sale. It’s pretty awesome, and very nice hearing the tunes outside of the game where one isn’t distracted from listening by big huge frakking robot skeleton stompy laser pew-pew doom things. It’s […]