Philogyny Or Bust – The GTA V Review Fallout

I read Carolyn’s GTA V review over on Gamespot today after seeing a bit (understatement) of buzz about it on Twitter. It’s two pages long, her overall score is 9/10 and for most of those two pages she waxes lyrical about how amazingly awesome the game is. Visuals, design, characters, quests, writing – every gameplay aspect has, it seems, been made most excellent and she speaks incredibly highly of almost everything. For maybe three paragraphs of those two pages she touches on some of the game’s issues – and come on, very few games as far-reaching as the GTA franchise are completely flawless. So briefly, taking only short pauses from her gushing adoration of Rockstar’s latest, Carolyn covers the niggles. The characters sometimes behave in inconsistent ways. The quest storylines sometimes have mixed messages or don’t seem to go the whole way in driving home their point. The male characters are a wonderfully complex mixed bag of nuts (haha nuts) while the female characters aren’t quite so well developed and the overall ‘tone’ and treatment of women in the game could have been handled far better. She writes this particular part in such a way that I’m left with the impression that Rockstar were TRYING to be satirical but didn’t manage to pull it off and the end result is just messy, uncomfortable and misogynistic.

ACK! Well, shit. Now I’ve done it. I’ve said “the M-word” (apparently it’s a profanity these days and not just the noun describing “a cultural attitude of hatred for females because they are female”. WHO KNEW. I didn’t, and I’m one of those female people). My careless willy-nilly throwing around of the terrible M-Word has opened a portal to a hellish dimension and hordes of savage but doltish imbeciles are surely about to spew forth and wreak their terrible vengeance upon my blog!

It’s saying ‘the M-word’ that provoked addled twats worldwide to drop a nuke of hatred and ignorant bullshit on Gamespot’s comment thread. As I write, it’s insane over there – the comment count is spouting new comments at a speed that surely rivals the camera flashes at the VGAs when Miley got her twerk on. It’s Dickhead Fallout; the heavens have opened and fat grey clouds are raining cretins with wanton abandon.

I have one question, but I already know the answer to it, as any sane and empathetically intact person would; WHAT THE FUCK DOES HER GENDER HAVE TO DO WITH IT. Why am I even asking?

I have never seen such a turgid collection of miserable cunts as are populating the comment thread of this review with their moronic vitriol. The answer, of course, is nothing. Did scores of angry women descend with pitchforks drawn upon the male-written reviews of the latest Tombraider? Did those of female ilk declare war on any men who dared take to their keyboards to compose their impressions of The Last Of Us? No. Because the gender of the reviewer doesn’t fucking matter. Carolyn has not only written a detailed review, I’d go so far as to say that if it’s at all unbalanced it’s unbalanced IN FAVOUR of the game. She praises it so damn heavily DESPITE its flaws that it’s just mind boggling that people are raging about it and calling it a bad review, an unfair review, asking for her to go back to writing articles – hell, asking for her to be FIRED. There was a petition (there’s always a petition) but it’s been deleted, yay.

Y’know what justifies every damn thing she says about the treatment of women and the unfortunate misogyny in the game, though? The people who are complaining about it. The people who are pulling these pearls of wisdom from their bile-clotted anuses, smearing fetid poop all over their monitors as they froth at the mouth and mash at their keyboards with the slow but persistent determination of loutish troglodytes;

I said I have just one question – actually, I have two;


  • delventhalz

    I’m really getting tired of this vitriolic nonsense. These “anti-feminist” flame wars are erupting all over the place. Those guys aren’t the same sort of gamer I am and I want nothing to do with them.

    • On a more positive note though, every time it happens there’s a louder backlash. There’s been so much discussion about treatment of women in the gaming industry, both in games themselves and in gaming events, this year compared to previous years that despite things like this, I really feel progress is being made. Talking about an issue, acknowledging that it exists, is an important first step in confronting and solving it.

      • delventhalz

        Shows like Orange is the New Black give me some hope too. It’s definitely an issue that is getting a lot of attention. Fingers crossed.

        • Ahhh I watched about half of season 1. A bit too girly for my tastes but it was really well made and handled some awesome issues with aplomb.

          • delventhalz

            Too girly? huh. Well, to each their own. Just happy to see quality media where the girls are more than plot devices.

          • Bojangles

            There are plenty of shows with strong female lead characters which aren’t girly, In Plain Sight, Once Upon A Time, Fringe.

          • Indeed. I watch Fringe. And who can forget X-Files? One of my favourite female leads of all time. ^.^


    About the term “mysogeny”; it gets thrown around so easily nowadays. It’s become devoid of any meaning, especially when people pull the “mysogeny” card for no reason whatsoever. And it has turned “mysogeny” into an invalid criticism. Of course, it shouldn’t be, but it’s the case nonetheless. At least, that’s the way I feel about it

  • Gideon Venter

    I love the way you write.

    I’ve nothing more constructive to add, though. Think you covered it pretty well.

  • Luca_Saitta

    Could someone point me to the gaming site that has reviews written by an androgynous centaur so that I may receive my gaming news exclusively from there from now on? Thank you!

  • Trollsama

    didn’t you know? this is the internet, all meaningful conversations start with “UR A FAG” and “GET IN THE KITCHEN”

  • Pstonie

    There is no misogyny, there is only zuul.

    Seriously, though. The gender-obsessed people who went off at the PA creators following the dickwolves fiasco didn’t behave any better. Each group has its vocal minority. Apparently it’s a universal law that they should be idiots.

  • cafeine

    Thanks for the laugh, I needed that! At some point there is so much idiocy that the only thing left is to mock them mercilessly, and you did it with brio 🙂

    Also, androgynous centaur, I’m totally stealing that for a song title.

  • Pstonie

    Another thing is that misogyny should really be replaced with philanthropy rather than philogyny, if anything. There is in fact a whole universe between two extremes. I realise it is currently very politically incorrect to suggest someone isn’t automatically a great person just for being a woman, but being considered a person first is kind of a prerequisite if you ever want to be taken seriously by anyone outside the mainstream media. In fact I’m sure this implied first class citizen status is responsible for much of the flak received by the feminist movement.

    • Heh, well, philanthropy is the ideal to strive towards. But come on, look at who we’re up against here. Baby steps 😉 I get what you mean though. In my personal ideal world there would be no labels. We’d all just be ‘living beings’.

      • Pstonie

        Thing is IMO, as implemented, feminism is doing the opposite of what is (or what should be) intended. I assume that the goal is to not be discriminated against, but it doesn’t exactly engender a lot of respect when the state and the media treat women like children with special needs.

        I’m seriously OK with some labels. Men and women are different, and no two of either are created equal. It’s what makes life interesting.

  • Buh

    What annoys people about the M word is its utter meaninglessness. It now means everything from beating a woman, to raping her, to insulting her, to looking at her in public, to making fun of her. All those things under one word. Misogyny means nothing anymore due to the culture’s persistent misuse of the word, and now even women are catching on. Better find a new selling point, or your job as a reviewer isn’t long for this internetz lzozozozozoz