MSI – “Innovation With Boobs”


Cracking my knuckles while wondering how to approach this. Do I just type a string of curse words flecked with spittle apostrophes and fist-shaking hyphens? That’s what I feel like doing. But no, let’s try to be be a bit more eloquently loquacious – I have a point to put across here after all, and I don’t want to limit it only to those who speak the language of Profanity as well as I do.

I’m a woman. I think you all know that. I’ve also been building PCs since my late teens. I haven’t bought a store computer for a good fifteen years now. My current PC has an MSI motherboard and graphics card in it and as much as I love my baby, I’m angry and ashamed right now that my baby has tainted MSI bits inside it. I don’t want to be associated with that company any more. I don’t want to know that they have some of my money, and I’m sure as hell not giving them any of my money ever again. I’m taking out those tainted MSI bits as soon as I can and replacing them with bits from a company that doesn’t confuse the computer industry with the porn industry.

What if that poor girl really can build computers? That must be pretty crappy for her, being asked to take her clothes off to build a computer on screen, as if her skill alone won’t cut it. What if, offscreen, she plays AAAs and Indies and frequents gaming forums and enjoys a good night in with snack food and a headset MMOing it up with her friends? What if her own computer is a labour of love, built by her own perfectly manicured hands in the comfort of her own room, presumably more fully clothed, and without remarking to herself ‘gosh, this PSU really is quite heavy, my svelte arms can barely lift it!’? I recently put a 2Lb CPU fan in my case. Coupled with my 850W PSU, four hard drives, and all the other bits and bobs in there, it’s quite heavy now. I’m 5’1, which means my tower is a third of my height. I’ve never worried about dropping a PSU.

There’s a part of me that really desperately wants to believe that the skimpy little racing bikini-shirt combo she’s wearing is an anti-static measure. Less clothes less static, right? But LOOK AT HER HAIR! Tie that shit back, woman! You don’t want rogue strands of your lustrous brown locks drifting innocently down onto your circuitry of your motherboard, getting caught in the CPU paste or tangled on the pins of your epic gaming RAM, do you? Silly girl!

Seriously, MSI – what were you thinking? WERE you thinking? Are your parts so naff these days that you can only sell them on the power of the cleavage used to advertise them? I’m a 34D and even though they get in the way when I’m doing almost anything, I can ACTUALLY build a PC and, hell, you should pay me to do it instead. I’ll sit in front of the camera with my 34D boobs safely tucked away behind the Cataclysm logo on my WoW T-shirt that I got from attending the midnight launch and build a gaming PC with my hair back in a bun and while we’re at it, you should let everyone see just how much of a pain in the ass it is getting your PCI-E graphics card into the slot WITHOUT using a sneaky little camera cut like you did in that video. Yeah, I saw that. Graphics cards never go in that easy.

You’ve offended me, MSI, as a woman who builds her own gaming PCs. Are you making fun of me? Are you saying I’m some kind of trophy that needs to be shown off on a pedestal, some rare and fragile mythological creature that must be exploited in order to support your business? You’ve offended mature male gamers, too, MSI, by implying that they’ll be more likely to buy your parts if there are naked women involved. Are you saying that men, when presented with boobs, completely lose the brainpower necessary to make educated purchase decisions? That your cunning camerawork with those conveniently boob-crossing slow-pans will make their eyes gloss over with promises of hot chicks if they have an MSI PC? Oh! Oh, I get it. Those men who can’t think in the face of boobs are the same men that made this video, aren’t they? IT’S YOU GUYS. Well, you have fun over there in your ball pit talking about girl cooties and how girls shouldn’t be allowed to PvP and how you really feel like a sammich. I’ll be over here with the grown-ups, in the year 2013, replacing my MSI computer parts by myself with bits from one of your rivals.  (Just please don’t tell me there were any women involved with making that video aside from the model. I don’t feel like having an aneurysm today.)

  • Han Cilliers

    LMAO, such a great read, love your style Del. The humor and intelligence is just such a win.

  • Linus Närkling

    As a male, I completely agree with you.
    I’ll never buy from them again.

    • Almost all of the angry, ashamed, facepalming responses I’ve had on twitter have been from men, and I think that speaks volumes. The tides are shifting, that’s for sure. <3

  • Lazymandoplayer

    Just put a snotty note on the you tube vid on the off chance that they read it. Pathetic bullshit! Great blog though.

  • digital_pariah

    I’d never heard of MSI until they made this error, I won’t bother remembering their name now either.

    • They’re stocked a lot locally, and from the other brands on offer they’re usually better spec products at comparable prices – hence why I have an MSI motherboard and MSI-Nvidia graphics card. But yeah, no more. They lost me.

  • PearlJamFan

    Makes me glad I don’t have anything MSI related. That’s just ridiculous and pathetic. Their marketing department needs to grow the fuck up

  • Jackswastedlufe

    Yeah, touch those
    RAM-Contact with your bare hands.
    Good girl…

  • Skellington the 3rd

    Oh noooo…my MSI motherboard has been dropped into a fire…dangit…what a shame…

  • Puzzled

    ..The weird thing about this umm, approach is that it would obviously be “distracting” to the very group of people it seems to think it would attract by presenting in this fashion… So, it’s not only in questionable taste, (maybe an understatement) it’s also… Dumb.

  • Rick Siow

    LOL she was playing World of Tanks, one of favourite games and MSI actually degraded it! Way to go MSI, you really made male gamers look like numbskulls whose eyes pop up upon sighting of female boobs.

  • FireFox Bancroft

    And this is why I went with ASUS.

  • !

    Oh no! A company used a half-naked woman in their advertisement! Better phone the bobbies and boycott the company!

    • Lyonheart74

      The first read through and I was sure I read ‘Better phone the boobies…’ – but then I thought, what the hell, more boobies for this vid? Doesn’t it have plenty already? So I re-read it, silly me…

  • Fernando Jimenez

    MSI on boobs. Excellent.

  • asustadizo4

    Does this really offend you that bad? LOL Get the fuck over it. MSI is a great company with some great product lines and if your going to miss out on them because this cute japanese girl wants to get half naked and build a computer on video then LOL.

    • Alternatively, why don’t YOU get the fuck over that it’s offensive to some people?

    • Bruno

      Actually, she’s Taiwanese.

  • I can only assume MSI computers tend to run terribly hot. I sure don’t look forward to having to sit in underwear every time I play some games on a PC, especially not when I have others here, so they can count me out as well.

  • Leandro A. Pezzente

    Alpha Males …. I willl never understand them …

  • paul middleton

    PLS what do you want girls to start wearing burkas. pls its hardly porn at all, women are beautiful, and there matching women with amazing hardware, MSI are doing great things now with gaming, it would be a great loss of yours only to buy from someone else at more expense or lesser quality just because they have beautiful girls to show there products off. It would be a sad world if man never got to see the figure of a beautiful women. after all a women is one of gods greatest achievement’s in my eyes. why would you want to hide away something so beautiful. There is nothing wrong with it. maybe you need to let yourself loosen up a little. and enjoy the world instead of trying to spoil it. there are much worse things going on in it. than showing beauty. which is a beautiful thing.

  • paul middleton

    YOu talk like this girl has been forced into this at knife point. Have you talked to her, Maybe she is proud of this video, maybe shes really happy about it. i dont think for one minute she was forced to do anything of the kind. go fight for the poor, or fight rapists or killers or drugs or corrupt governments. the elite. and stealing bankers. But some girls are very happy to show how good they look. that is there choice. as a man i am happy about that. because it would be such a sad sad shame to see all girls walking around with black sheets over there heads what a beautiful image that would be.

  • paul middleton

    ssaying this is offensive is absolute rubbish a joke. i see men taking off there clothes, i dont like it. i dont want to see it. but it doesnt offend one. so why should it offend you, i cant imagine what a wrapped up in cellophane world you would like to live in. wake up there is people out there selling children for sex. there are familys trying to get into other countries who are being led into a ditch somewhere and killed. there are people beating there kids, there are familys torn apart, and there is so much corruption. so much death so much despair. STOP. DONT take away the beautiful things in life. that is offensive. the world needs beauty. its a good thing. its light for the shadows.

  • Orlando Simpson

    Msi Sucks Any Way