Art Test / Game Concept


Click the picture to open a new window where the ‘game’ will load. First-person point-and-click adventure game presented in the style of a motion comic. Hand-painted art by Joshua Nel and other stuff done by Jaco. This is just an art test – there’s no gameplay, but moving the mouse around will swivel the camera. It doesn’t loop, so refresh if you want to see it again. Would you play it?]

EDIT – we’re making it! Help fund it (and pre-order a copy while you’re at it) at – and vote for us on Steam Greenlight – 🙂

  • Anton


  • Tijs Robbens

    Flipping nice! Bring back point-and-click adventure! Whoooo o/

  • The art itself I think is quite good. Looking at Mr Nel’s portfolio as well, he really is quite talented

    I’m liking the gameplay concept as well and how you’ve put together this test screen as if the player is looking around on a seemingly static screen. Nice little touch.

    I really think that with Pixie’s storytelling, Jaco’s developing know-how and Joshua’s artistic ability, I for one am quite intrigued how this unfolds.

    • Yeah, Josh’s art is awesome. Glad you like this idea 😀