My Minecraft Adventure – Squidland

I had a hankering for a fresh singleplayer map in Minecraft. I was generating some large-biome worlds, deleting, re-generating, looking for something that sparked my interest. Eventually I landed on a tiny island in a huge ocean. There was another tiny island near mine, but none of them had trees.

“I’ll swim until sunset,” I said to myself. “If I don’t find something habitable by then, I’ll roll a new world.”

And so I swam. And swam, and swam, and swam, until eventually – just as the sun was setting – I found one island with one single, solitary tree. By this time I was starving hungry. I was on ‘easy’ mode, so it wasn’t killing me, but I had work to do. There were a few open-mouth caves on the island. I’d started with the bonus chest and had some scant supplies on me – a pick, some sticks, one torch – so I got to work. I chopped down the tree, fashioned a workbench and made myself a sword. I headed into the nearest cave and, with no small measure of luck, killed me two spiders and got four pieces of string. I returned to the workbench and made myself a fishing rod. The sun was just disappearing over the ocean and I didn’t have time to fish, so I dug out a small trench in the dirt and holed myself in until sunrise. While in there, I cleared out some dirt and mined enough stone for a furnace.

When sunrise came I caught me some fish and enjoyed my first meal on Squidland (the only company I have other than the monsters are the masses of squids spawning all around the island – so I’ve dubbed it Squid Island, or Squidland!). Fishing takes a while, though, and so I thought about making a wheat farm and set about harvesting all of the long grass on the small island. I got a grand total of zero seeds from that, so back into the caves I delved to hunt me some skeletons. Emerging triumphant with bonemeal in hand, I grew me a few clumps of long grass and got enough seeds to start a small farm.

I’d planted the two saplings from island’s single tree, and they both grew quickly. I cut them down, replanted five saplings now, content that my lumber farm was progressing nicely. I caught some more fish, dug out my trench a little and went exploring the caves. I didn’t go very deep, but just scratching the surface got me a stack of coal and enough iron to make a full suit and a pick. From inside my trench I passed the nights by digging down to Y7 and starting a branch mine, but that yielded zero reward. I decided to explore the caves of the island instead, and down in the dark depths, found an abandoned mineshaft – right underneath the island!

It’s been smooth sailing since. I made a map and a boat and mapped out the area around my island. There are four islands around mine, including the two I spawned at, and they’re all tiny and tree-less and animal-less. Fortunately the abandoned mineshaft has given me enough wool to make a double bed and some paintings (thanks to Vance, who reminded me that I can make wool from string ;p), and I’ve got a decent sized wheat farm in the front garden of my new house.

The House
Back of the house - fishing veranda & boat jetty
Top floor - bedroom
Underwater storage basement overlooking cave
The whole island!

The seed is 234773616535089838. Make sure you’ve got ‘large biomes’ selected. If you want the coordinates of my island, drag your cursor across the space after the colon: x120, z370 (approx)

In retrospect this would have made a great Let’s Play. But oh well – enjoy the story and the pictures! Oh, and I’m using Glimmar’s Steampunk Texture Pack in the screenies.

  • epic! I had a similar amount of “fun” with a map seed that Shroomgirl found . (alas I forget the seed off hand.. think it was “eat my shorts” with or without spaces)

    Using large biomes I spawned in a barren island with NOTHING for miles. Luckily I found an abandoned mine shaft under the island for SOME wood. But it was still needing to be rationed out.

    To compound matters I was playing on Hard and using Better than Wolves at the time.

    .. Needless to say I didn’t live very long XD

    I shall have to try this seed.. see if I last any longer XD

    • I did die once. While I was zipping around in my boat mapping out the ocean, I spotted what looked like another abandoned mineshaft under the sea. I hopped out of the boat and swam down, but what I thought would lead me to an airpocket didn’t, and I drowned. That was before I’d made wool from the string too, so I hadn’t slept in a bed and started at spawn again and had to swim all day ;p

  • Logan

    Looks fun XD it makes me want to play singleplayer. I guess I’ll just have to livestream some SP this afternoon! 😀