Always when I’m about to go to bed…

…Guaranteed that something will crop up on MCWB that I need to deal with. I’ve seen the other admins mention it too – when they’re about to log off, go out, grab some sleep – it’s like the bad players have this spider sense for the most inconvenient time to pull stunts ;p

So last night, just as I’m doing a final check of the sites before going to bed, I find I have a PM from Player A:

“If you do remember Player B i need him IP banned he has found out my minecraft account info and I will change it. However I also would like to know if you can revert the last week of activity on my chunk error maps, because if you go to them they are all gone my home, castle everything. Please if you could I would be very appreciative.”

Player B is someone I banned from Chunk Error a little while back for using a hacked client to cause mischief. I PM Player A and ask him if Player B logged on to his account and destroyed his home/castle/everything. We have a general rule on the site that if your account gets compromised and rules get broken, we ban the account. I open up the log and start grepping for IP addresses to compare. While I’m doing that, I get this PM:

“I have information that on your minecraft server, the user “Player A” is hacking. Check his logs and you will find him flying and using xray mods.

Now, it’s all very well submitting an anonymous tip-off, but it doesn’t really work when a) you’re sending a site PM that will have your username on it, and b) you’re sending the PM to one of the site managers who can just check the email address you registered the account with. So I checked, and discovered that ‘Anonymous’ is, surprise surprise, Player B. I PM him back; ‘Hardly anonymous when your username is listed right at the top of the PM and the associated e-mail is, is it?’.

Meanwhile I grab an IP address for Player B, grep it, and find that Player A does indeed have an entry on the 10th Feb with Player B’s IP address, and is on the server busy telling everyone about how he’s flying and hacking and all other manner of nefarious things. I return to MCWB to inform Player A that he’s been banned as per the general site rule about hacked accounts, and to ban Player B for being an ass, and find that I have this PM in my inbox from Player B:

“BTW, you didnt hear it from me… thanks.”

Exactly how stupid ARE people?

  • Robbie Callaghan

    its funny how that works isn’t it?
    as soon as we all log off four our sleep hell breaks loose lol.

    that’s why i make it a note to try not to log off till another admin has woken…. or at least that’s the excuse I use to justify 12+ hours of continuous play 😛

    • Hahaha ;p You’re a nutter.

      The obvious solution for me is to log off the internet an hour or so before I go to bed. But that’s just silly ;p

  • photostyle

    It doesn’t matter…

    They haunt my dreams.

  • av5 hadow

    I have to admit. These guys are more idiotic than me. Player A should have know better than log in Player B’s account, and Player B is just plain stooopid. But again, he probably don’t want you to tell Player A that he sent you that PM. Both of them could know each other in real life.

    • They’re ‘friends’ IRL. Player B got banned initially when Player A complained about him using the Nyan hack which as a ‘butcher’ aura; player B was apparently running around A’s chunks with this aura activated and killing all his animals.

  • Jcdesimp

    12 year olds….lol.. BTW pixie u check the logs from when no admins were on right? so even if they screw around when no admins are on, theyre all gonna get caught anyway.