The Materialistic Society

Reposted from facebook; This > Elliot Rodger and the Price of Toxic Masculinity > is good read. This, coupled with a post a friend shared yesterday about a gender-swapped Cosmo (, is a huge contributing factor to what I perceive to be ‘wrong with society’. Let’s look at an actual Cosmo cover… “Sex moves men crave, the love trick…


The Movement of Nice

Today is one of those days where everything is pissing me off. I saw a ‘cute bulldog moments’ video on Facebook and part of the video involved an owner calling their bulldog down a grassy slope, only to laugh when the bulldog fell over and slid the rest of the way because its legs were…


Crochet for Cats

I’ve recently picked up crocheting. I’m practicing my tension and form by crocheting little granny square things. My fingers usually get tired after a few circles, so they end up small – the perfect size, it would appear, for cat hats. So here’s Twinkie modelling my latest creations.


On Consideration

 You’ve probably seen this picture floating around the internet in the past few days. Maria Kang is a former fitness competitor and has three kids. What she’s pointing out with this picture, that she made herself and posted to her Facebook page, is that she’s had three kids and still maintains a muscular and slim…


Philogyny Or Bust – The GTA V Review Fallout

I read Carolyn’s GTA V review over on Gamespot today after seeing a bit (understatement) of buzz about it on Twitter. It’s two pages long, her overall score is 9/10 and for most of those two pages she waxes lyrical about how amazingly awesome the game is. Visuals, design, characters, quests, writing – every gameplay…